We don't choose the name we carry, but have you ever wondered if your name has an influence on your personality and the course of your life? We strongly believe it does. Have you asked yourself what is the origin of your name and its meaning? This is the best place to learn interesting facts about your given name. The Meaning Of The Name is a passionate project exploring etymological and statistical data on a vast selection of names.

It is very important to choose an appropriate name of your child as it will be an inseparable part of their life. Does the first name sound in harmony with the last name? Is it interesting, easy to remember and pronounce? Sometimes we choose names passed over generations in the family, sometimes we simply give our newborn the name of our favorite movie character. We have developed the Baby Names Generator tool to help you make your selection based on variety of conditions and pick a name from a directory with nearly 100 000 given names!

Do not forget! Celebrate your Name Day, which is the day of the year associated with your given name! The celebration of name days is originating from Middle Ages when believers named after a saint would celebrate the saint's feast day. This tradition has remained in many countries in Europe and America.

If you want to go further in your research on names check our Name Compatibility tool, which will calculate the compatibility of two names based on a Numerology analysis.

As an extra, we have expanded our Names database with various statistics and facts about Celebrities and Sportsmen where you can find information about their Birthday, occupation, age and citizenship.

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